“What am I supposed to do now with everything I have?” Reina Arèvalo said through a translator. “If I lose my permit, I lose everything.”

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“It’s like a plague,” Joe Nichols, tournament host, said. “Over 18 years of me doing this, I’ve seen them evolve.”

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Whether the nearest voting station is down the block or a days-long trek through the jungle, the government doesn’t care. Only the vote matters, and the punishment for failing to vote can be severe.

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Avalon Fenster is a 16-year-old sophomore at the Stony Brook School and the lead organizer for the solidarity rally in Huntington, Long Island. She doesn’t want the next generation of students to have the same fears she does.

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A red pickup truck gently pulls over to the side of a busy New York City street. The driver strains his neck to avoid jostling his fragile cargo—250 buzzing boxes. Curious onlookers approach the mesh lining the box.

“Don’t worry, they won’t sting you,” a worker says. “Not yet at least.”

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